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Children are not deceived by fairy-tales; they are often and gravely deceived by school-stories. Adults are not deceived by science-fiction; they can be deceived by the stories in the women’s magazines.
C. S. Lewis on fantasy vs. fact, a timeless and timely reminder of the role of critical thinking in making sense of the stories we’re told. (via explore-blog)

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Brush & ink are only servants of thoughts & emotion. They should follow your emotion & change with the emotion.
Wu Guan-Zhong

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Like the fantasy of being thin, the desire to be pretty is backed by a multi-billion dollar industry and untold numbers of daily encounters with people who’ve swallowed the social pressures whole and made them their own mission to prescribe. Girls who desire a piece of the pretty pie aren’t misguided, inherently frivolous or lacking in ambition. They want to do stuff; it’s just they’ve internalised the message that they must look good doing it for it to count for anything. And that is why the right to be ugly — the right to do and be without being gazed upon and always found wanting — is worth defending.
Spilt Milk - Panic Over Pretty (via redefiningbodyimage)

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Society does not want individuals who are alert, keen, revolutionary, because such individuals will not fit into the established social pattern and they may break it up. That is why society seeks to hold your mind in a pattern, and why your so-called education encourages you to imitate, to follow, to conform.

J. Krishnamurti (via onlyfables)

Fuck yeah.

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Damn Professors! Damn workman. (Via workman, damn him.)

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